Contra Blauw — Project

2017© - Will be extended soon

Whether it’s your local supermarket, playground or park bench, when you pass
one of these places, you will find kids gathering there to hang out. Although 'chilling’
is often all they seem to be doing, these kids are usual considered a problem by other
residentsin the neighbourhood,  as well as a cause for concern by the police
(blue uniforms). 

Nobody really wants to see these kids gathering in such a location,
making it their hang-out. However, just because they choose these spots,
does not mean that they are actually hurting someone.

This is why we have introduced Contra-Blue (Contra-Blue).
A collection of track suits that look like any other.
But one that also gives these youngsters the option
to blend into their hang-out spot.




Art Direction
Costume design


Glenn da silva
Costume realisation
Tony Ta
Thalonja Slui
e flakes of snow, each flake a universe.

Monday Nov 5 2018