Feeled© Project


With this years World cup in Russia. A lot of people came together to share and see the beautifull moments soccer
can bring to the people. Despite that I watch soccer for entertainment and as a supportert, I gaved myself a chance to look at
it as a creative.

As we speak about the unifying influence that soccer brings, the culture around soccer is not the most accesible culture yet.
Soccer is one of the sports were one big taboo is still active and seen as non compatible. Homosexuality seems not acceptable.
As we look at the statistics about overall gay people in the population, there should be statistically 1 homosexual player in every team.
Quite suprising, because if you look at the amount of active soccer players that are openly gay, it’s almost equal to none.
One of the big reasons why the closets remain closed is because of the stigma surrounding soccer.

Feeled© is a serie of soccer jerseys that is based on the cause of prejudgement and gerenalisation from the macho culture.
It’s created from a neutral point of view, without making any necessary statements about this actual topic.
The purpose of the jerseys is to open up a conversation between  the two sided mentality’s.
The jerseys show a different kind of perspective of the topic and shows how the topic can be approached differently.

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as a void wherein floated rare flakes of snow, each flake a universe.

Monday Nov 5 2018